CeCe Courter - ePortfolio

Cecelia Courter
WU Masters in Education
Curriculum and Instruction
Emphasis in Educational Technology

Summary of Classes:

ED 568     Curriculum Development and Evaluation
ED 472     Issues in Modern American Education
ED 560     Advanced Educational Psychology
ED 580     Integrating Technology into Curriculum
ED 565     Introduction to Educational Research
ED 582     Leadership in Technology
ED 584     Multimedia in the Classroom
ED 486     Issues in Educational Technology
ED 586     Integrating Internet into Instruction
ED 587     Emerging Technologies in Education
               Creating Responsible Kids:  Love and Logic Skills 1
               Creating Responsible Kids:  Love and Logic Skills 2
               School-Wide Discipline:  Responsibilities and Legal Issues
               Success:  Resistant and Disruptive Students

I originally began my journey as a Masters student in Education completely unsure of where I wanted to take my education.  During the required course, Integrating Technology into Curriculum, I knew exactly what direction I wanted to expand my knowledge.  I have always found that the best educators are the ones that really get to know their students.  The teachers that tend to "think outside of the box" and come up with new and innovative ways to grasp their students' attention.  I quickly began to learn about the digital age of learning and the digital divide that has been created between students and teachers.  As I began to learn more about the technologies available to today's students, I was hooked!

At first I wondered how technology could really affect students and teachers in Early Childhood.  Early Childhood Education has always had controversy surrounding technology use in the classroom.  Brain development in young children shows such a need for hands-on learning that involves more than one sensory exploration that many teachers don't see technology as a need in the classroom.  However, I began to broaden my perspective about technology and learning about a balance that can be created in the Early Childhood Classroom.  The ideas, lessons, and experiments that I did throughout my Master's classes were exciting and I am happy to share them with you through my capstone experience.

Within the pages of this website you will find an explanation of how technology can be used to enhance the early childhood classroom curriculum.  There are summaries of many of projects that I have done, pictures of the students learning from technology, videos that were done during my classes, and other projects that I tried.  The experiences that I undertook during the past 3 years were priceless.  I have learned more about innovative teaching, leadership in education, and ways to facilitate knowledge in today's digital age than I could have imagined.  I have also grown as a educational professional and personally gained understanding of how to continue the lifelong journey of knowledge that is necessary for any professional.